Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I was "published"...

This experience should be added to my "live and learn" file. I've added lots to that recently! ;) I was contacted by our local newspaper. They wanted details about the class I volunteer to teach at the Sr Center. I gladly gave an 1.5 hr interview and the reporter requested pics of the cards I created for the class...along with photos of the ladies working on their cards. I narrowed down to 20, the photos I sent. This was the ONLY picture published and I was quoted with just 2 sentences and those were taken out of context. The reporter didn't know what a rubber stamp was....??? I was kind of annoyed and embarrassed.


Kerri L. said...

Now you are just like the rich and famous always being taken out of context. Beautiful card anyway and maybe there will be more "happy" people at Sr. Center!

penniem said...

Congrats Ellen - I didn't know about this. I need more time in the day to keep up I guess.

Well done!

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