Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flowers and Mafia...

My DS, was recently invited to attend a dance (not prom) with one of his grade school friends. Just 14 yrs old and over 6 feet tall...isn't he handsome??? His date wore an emerald green dress. The roses were actually beautiful in person...ivory with pink. My Mom and I made the wristlet and boutonniere...that was an experience. Let's just say, I'll be ready for the next dance. I had most of the supplies on hand, just needed the wristlet thingy. Found that at Michael's for $2.99! Saved a bundle of cash by creating them ourselves. We teased DS he looked like he belonged in the Mafia. Black shirt, shoes, sox, jacket and pants.
He is only 22.5% Italian ;o) Unfortunately, I had my camera on the wrong setting and the only pic I took of the 2 of them came out so blurry.
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1 comment:

penniem said...

He certainly is handsome Ellen - great picture of him.
Wow, I am impressed with your flower accomplishment - really nice!

Hope they had a great time!

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