Saturday, February 09, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover...

My DD met her favorite reality star of all time....Ty Pennington! She was so excited!
Autograph and a picture...woohoo! As you can see from her forehead, it was Ash Wednesday...a day she won't soon forget.
I took this pic of the tent today...I personally was hoping to see Paulie! He is my favorite! What a sweet guy!

"Busdriver....move that bus!"
Too bad she was giving me directions from in front of the camera...heehee

Apparently, this is the first time EHM took on an inner city duplex home.
Unbelieveable...2-1/2 days and there is now a new beautiful house. Or should I say two?
No designers at the site today. bummer!
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1 comment:

penniem said...

What great pictures Ellen, I so wish that I had gone with you two!!!!

Wow, Jess and Ty, what can I say? Now Jess is a celebrity!

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