Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tip of the day...

Completed card with not visible hint of missing pieces in the layers under the white layer.
I didn't add the beautiful ribbon that came in the "Bundle"...not enough caffeine this morning. I will use the Red Zig Zag ribbon for another project. Stay tuned...more cards using the Holiday Tag Bundle in the next few days.

Carefully punched layers that will be hidden under the stamped image.
Now I have lots of embellishments for future projects.

This is what you would see under the stamped image. You'd never know it from looking at the completed card, in the first photo.

Warning! Don't ever take my cards apart...LOL I hate to waste beautiful CS or paper under a layer. My tip.....grab a few punches and punch away.
I bought some of the Holiday Tag Bundles to help ease my Holiday Stress Level (aka HSL). The Bundle has pre-cut items to help you make 15 cards! You simply need to add a card base. I have loaded up (OK, hoarded) on these kits...great for Make and Takes and class projects.
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penniem said...

Very Sneaky! But, oh so clever you are Ellen!!!!

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