Sunday, September 30, 2007

OBX artist Wayne Fulcher


Most of you that know me personally, know I'm a frustrated artist. Both my parents and my brother have talent. My grandfather was an artist. He supported his family of 4 children and a wife by using his gift. Anyway, I've tried to draw, but my sketches look like stick figures. I guess that's why I love rubberstamping so much. It makes me feel like an artist.

This photo is of a very talented artist on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His name is Wayne Fulcher. Wayne's studio is in a gallery that sells his work. I love watching Wayne work! He makes his beautiful creations before your eyes. It's amazing to watch. Here, Wayne is sketching a mermaid for my daughter. It's on lined notebook paper, but she doesn't care. Wayne drew it for her. Wayne has an entire line of mermaid paintings. Some cute, some beautiful, all lovely. If you ever get the opportunity to visit the OBX, you may see Wayne walking or thumbing a ride on Rt. 12, usually in Frisco and Buxton. He is a character...doesn't own a car and doesn't paint at home. He seems happy with his life, just the way it is...gotta love that!
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Evad Yalcrab said...

In the late 70s, an Outer Banks artist named Wayne Fulcher painted water color pictures, many of Outer Banks scenes.

I would be interested in contacting the artist to find out if there is a family connection and if any of his work is posted online.

I seem to recall that he was an off duty fireman, and would bring his work to Norfolk selling to patrons in downtown businesses.

We collected a lot of his paintings and have displayed them in numerous residences
through the years.

David Barclay

Jade's Gem said...

check this link...I've only known Wayne, maybe 10 years. He hitchhikes up and down Hiway 12. I've tried to commission him to paint for me, but so far, he hasn't taken me up on my offer.
Hope this helps:

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